Burner Sizing

Refer to the drawing below when determining what size natural gas burner
you should purchase for your fireplace


When selecting your natural gas burner, consider the following:

  • Plan to position your burner closer to the front of the fireplace than the back. Note that Ref B is roughly half the distance of Ref A. The reason for this is because the flames will be naturally drawn towards the back of the fireplace due to the way fireplaces are designed to draft.

  • Any C dimension should be no less than 4 inches. 6 Inches is ideal.

  • If you are using sand as a base, rather than lava rock or glass, you can get by with a burner that is one size smaller than the size you would select by following the advice of the previous bullet point. The sand will cause the flames to spread out much further. If you plan to use FireStones, FireBalls, etc., on top of the sand and want the flame bed more concentrated, then selecting a smaller burner is the way to go.

  • If you want to make sure you don't make any mistakes with your measurements, you can always make a paper template of the burner dimensions (based on the CAD drawing of any given burner) and place the paper template into your fireplace. Once the template is positioned, you won't go wrong with your measurements.

  • As always, you can Contact Us to get our professional opinion on what size burner to use.